Zincum phosphoricum

The times of aggravation of this remedy are morning, forenoon, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT. He (Patient) has a strong craving for warm, fresh air and is markedly sensitive to drafts; the open air ameliorates in general; marked general physical anxiety; many symptoms are worse from ascending. Hand and feet and other single parts go to sleep

Conium Maculatum

1. Old people especially old maids and old bachelors, rigid muscular fibre ; scrofulous or cancerous tendencies. 2. Lively, sanguine disposition yet easily gets out of humour ; moroseness ; inability and disinclination for any mental effort, dreads being alone yet avoids society. 3. Chronic gland troubles ; inflammations rather than growths ; with induration


1. Acute catarrhal affections especially of eyes and nose ; profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse bland coryza (rev. Allium cepa) ; often assoc. soreness and pressive pain behind sternum and hacking cough with free mucous expectoration ; cough only during daytime, < on rising a.m. ; influenza ; whooping cough. 2. Conjunctivitis ; acute with

Mercurius Corrosivus

1. Invaluable in violent, acute destructive inflammations (phagedenic tendencies) of any part, especially of mucous membranes ; catarrhal, scrofulous, gonorrheal, syphilitic. 2. Typical dysentery ; scanty stools of pure mucus tinged or streaked with blood, colicky pains extreme, persistent tenesmus and burning ; often accompanied by tenesmus of bladder ; no > stool. 3. Acute