Cinchona Officinalis

1. Stout, swarthy subjects ; sallow, dingy-yellow complexion. Constitutions greatly debilated by exhausting discharges especially of body fluids. 2. Patient apathetic, taciturn, despondent ; dislikes company, > alone ; irritability, fits of temper shallow (ctr. Nux vom.) ; feels ill-used ; over-sensitive to criticism. 3. Hyperaesthesia of the nervous system especially to touch. 4. Alimentary

Ferrum Metallicum

1. Especially adapted to delicate, anaemic women with sanguine temperament ; pseudo-plethora (cheeks flushed or easily flush but mucous membranes pale). 2. Mental and physical irritability ; intolerance of noise and pain ; patient excitable, impulsive, changeable ; solitude preferred. 3. Great debility with breathlessness ; easily fatigued yet must have gentle exercise. 4. Local


VANADIUM METALLICUM – The Metal – (VANADIUM) Its action is that of an oxygen carrier and a catalyzer, hence its use in wasting diseases. Increases amount of hemoglobin, also combines its oxygen with toxines and destroys their virulence. Also increases and stimulates phagocytes. A remedy in degenerative conditions of the liver and arteries. Anorexia and