The complaints of Graphites are worse morning, evening and during the NIGHT, especially before midnight. It is useful in people who are morbidly fat, or have been fat and are now emaciating; with constipation more commonly than diarrhea; in women in these conditions whose menstrual habit is pale, late, short and scanty; catarrhal discharges that

Magnesia muriatica

It would seem rather strange that the two remedies to which Hahnemann gave such a good start by proving and use should be so neglected and forgotten as Magnesia carb. and Magnesia mur. have been. These two, if used, would cure many of the liver troubles that are not now cured. Magnesia mur. could cure


1. Great restlessness with anguish (Arsenicum) ; cannot keep still ; sits then walks, then lies down, never long in one place. 2. Solitude unbearable ; craves company ; child wants to hold mother’s hand continually. 3. Gastric disorders especially gastralgia ; pain severe, burning, pressive, extending to spine ; vomiting ; of water as