Helleborus Niger

1. Weakly, scrofulous children prone to brain troubles, especially at dentition.

2. Melancholia ; silent despair ; stupidity or unintelligent muttering ; < consolation ; irritability ; mind loses control over body, strong concentration needed before muscles will art.

3. Acute brain affections ; hydrocephalus, during stage of effusion ; stupefaction or insensibility ; head rolls from side to side, bores into pillow or is beaten with hands ; sudden screams ; eyes wide open, pupils insensible to light ; chewing motions with mouth ; grinding of teeth ; automatic motion of one arm or leg ; urine gen. suppressed ; may be convulsions. Meningitis.

4, Sudden dropsical swellings ; urine red or black scanty coffee-ground sediment ; or urine suppressed ; char. stupefaction and mental torpor.

5. Modalities ; < 4-9 p.m. (Lycopodium clavatum) especially sinking sensation and headache.

Dr. AG Clarke

Helleborus Niger
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