Veratrum Viride

1. Plethoric subjects.

2. Furious deliriums ; screaming and howling.

3. Sudden, intense local congestions especially to base of brain, spine, chest, stomach ; also of pelvis, dysmenorrhoea (Caulophyllum) ; coup-de-soleil. (In French in the text).

4. Acute febrile diseases with great arterial excitement ; convulsions often precede eruptions ; acute rheumatism.

5. Tongue white or yellow-coated with red streak down centre.

6. Slow pulse is primary and more characteristic action (Digitalis) ; arterial excitement is secondary effect.

7. Convulsive twitchings and tremblings, even paralysis with tingling.

8. Cerebro-spinal diseases with cold, clammy perspiration, opisthotonos ; basilar meningitis ; apoplexy with slow, full, hard-as-iron pulse.

9. Pneumonias ; early congestive stage with slow, laboured breathing and livid face (low potency).

10. Modalities ; < on rising, waking, evening, motion.

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