Zincum Metallicum

1. Cachectic, emaciated persons whose constitutions have broken down through stress of life ; vitality deficient. circulation poor ; nervous exhaustion from overwork.

2. Soporous conditions of the mind ; child repeats everything said to it.

3. Hypersensitiveness to external stimuli.

4. General trembling assoc. with chronic diseases ; weakness and trembling of extremities especially lower limbs ; legs or feet extremely fidgety (of hands – Kalium bromatum) ; varicose conditions (Pulsatilla).

5. Incipient brain troubles especially from suppressed eruptions ; sudden alarming symptoms follow disappearances of eruption.

6. Discharges and eruptions difficult owing to weakness of patient but they always > ; menstrual flow > all her symptoms (e.g. neuralgia of left ovary).

7. Convulsions with pale face ; no heat (ctr. Belladonna) ; automatic muscular movements ; twitchings and jerkings especially during sleep at night ; child rolls head from side to side.

8. Spinal affections with burning whole length of spine ; also dull backache much < sitting.

9. Ravenous hunger especially at 11 a.m. ; sinking sensation (Sulphur) ; great greediness when eating.

10. Modalities : < cold ; < evenings ; < mental and physical exertion ; < wine and other strong stimulants (and knows it) ; < milk ; < sugar ; > camphor.

Notes : Inimical to Chamomilla, Nux vomica, sometimes chronic of Ignatia.

Dr. AG Clarke

Zincum Metallicum
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