Secale Cornutum

1. Tall, thin, scrawny, feeble women of lax muscular fibre ; old, decrepit subjects.

2. Extreme debility with restlessness, great anxiety and fear of death.

3. Collapse in choleroid and other diseases, hippocratic face with contortion especially about the mouth ; skin cold to touch yet external warmth, covering, etc., intolerable.

4. Passive haemorrhages ; blood copious, dark, thin, watery, offensive ; flow < motion.

5. Tendency to putrescence of all discharges.

6. Gangrenous conditions ; of eruptions, etc. ; dry, senile gangrene < external heat ; small, painful boils with green contents.

7. Numbness and formication with or without paralysis ; spastic paralysis.

8. Burning as of sparks falling on the parts.

9. Disorders of pregnancy and puerperium ; labour pains prolonged, ineffectual or entirely wanting ; everything seems loose and open but no expulsive power ; (200 th).

10. Patient chilly yet < external warmth ; markedly < covering up.

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