Mercurius Sol

1. Light-haired subjects of lax fibre ; earthy or dirty yellow, rough complexion. Anti-syphilitic, second stage.

2. Mental slowness but states changeable ; (a) memory and will power deficient ; answers questions slowly ; despondency ; (b) hurry and anxiety ; loquacity, especially in delirium ; time passes slowly.

3. Weakness and weariness in all the limbs with pronounced tremor, especially, of hands ; goes on to paresis and paralysis ; with great restlessness.

4. Suppurative conditions ; low potencies hasten, high potencies abort suppuration ; of glands ; also eruptions of many kinds.

5. Superficial ulcerations ; spreading, everted edges, cheesy base, readily bleed, discharge excoriating ; especially about the mouth and throat.

6. Ptyalism ; profuse, soapy, stringy saliva ; foetid metallic taste. Tongue swollen, flabby, showing teeth imprints, coated gen. moist yet intense thirst present.

7. All mucous membranes have free secretion of slimy muco-pus, often with ulceration ; discharge first thin, excoriating then thicker and more bland ; gen. greenish ; naso-pharyngeal region and colon especially affected ; dysenteric stools with much blood and tenesmus, not > stool.

8. Profuse sweating without > especially in fevers.

9. Bone diseases with boring pains < night ; exostosis.

10. Patient < both heat and cold ; at every change especially to damp weather ; all night, warmth of bed ; lying right side ; joints also < touch, pressure and movement.

Notes : In skin affections Mercurius solubilis is to be preferred.

Mercurius Cyanatus invaluable in diphtheria.

Mercurius biniodatus in left sided.

Mercurius Protiodatus in right-sided throat conditions.

Incompatible with Silica.

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