Vespa vulgaris

A young man in perfect health was stung by a large number of wasps. Frequent convulsions followed, involving all the muscles of the body, with loss of consciousness; the convulsions disappeared after three years, leaving him subject to attacks of unconsciousness when walking about. He often starts to go somewhere and finds himself several blocks


When in the autumn our hay fever patients report to us with violent symptoms of coryza, great depression of spirits, symptoms worse in the afternoon, easy sweat and languor, extreme dryness of the mucous membranes of nose, mouth and throat, with burning acrid copious flow of mucus, constant swallowing, itching of the soft palate, and

Zincum metallicum

Zincum metal has a full and substantial proving, including symptoms of every part of the body. It is an antipsoric, suitable in broken down constitutions, feeble constitutions; enfeeblement characterizes the whole proving. The Zinc. patient is nervous and extremely sensitive, excitable, trembling, quivering, twitching of muscles, tearing pain; along the course of the nerves, tingling,

Zincum phosphoricum

The times of aggravation of this remedy are morning, forenoon, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT. He (Patient) has a strong craving for warm, fresh air and is markedly sensitive to drafts; the open air ameliorates in general; marked general physical anxiety; many symptoms are worse from ascending. Hand and feet and other single parts go to sleep