Carbo Animalis

1. Diseases of elderly persons with marked venous plethora ; feeble circulation, no vital heat ; want of energy ; dislikes conversation and company.

2. Glands, indurated, swollen, even ulcerated ; with lancinating, burning pains ; tendency to malignancy ; scirrhus, bluish appearance, especially axillary, mammary and inguinal glands.

3. Discharges gen. offensive and always exhausting ; e.g. during menstruation so weak can hardly speak.

4. Joints and muscles weak ; sprains and strains on slight exertion.

5. Modalities : < open, dry, cold air, after shaving (ctr. Bromium).

Additions by Dr. Anil Singhal – Cancer, Debility, Weakness

Dr. AG Clarke

Carbo Animalis
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