1. Persons with sandy hair, pale face, blue eyes, sedentary habit ; slow, gentle, yielding, emotional temperament. Anaemic, chlorotic women ; girls in their teens ; often overdosed with iron, quinine and other “tonics” ; subject to styes and varicosis.

2. Great changeableness both of patient and symptoms ; prevailing mood of melancholy with tearfulness, weeps when detailing symptoms ; self-pity ; likes consolation sentimental especially at twilight ; full of strange ideas especially in the religious sphere ; submissive yet at times peculiarly obstinate, easily upset, etc., never pugnacious (ctr. Nux vomica).

3. Acute or sub-acute catarrhal conditions ; discharges copious, creamy, yellow or greenish-yellow, thick and bland (Leucorrhea may be acrid).

4. Drawing, tearing pains ; erratic, rapidly shift locality ; with characteristic modalities ; accompanied by chilliness yet cool air >.

5. Thirstlessness with nearly all complaints yet dryness of the mouth especially a.m. (rev. Mercurius).

6. Gastro-intestinal complaints from overloading the stomach ; from eating rich foods, fat, pork, etc. ; from fruit, cold things, ices ; thickly coated white tongue ; hates fat, likes sour things and things not good for her ; diarrhoeic stools, very changeable no two alike.

7. Various menstrual disorders ; periods irregular, gen. delayed and scanty ; flow intermits and only or during daytime ; derangements at puberty in chlorotic girls ; amenorrhoea especially from getting feet wet, also ailments resulting there from. A valuable remedy during pregnancy and after.

8. One-sided complaints especially sweats.

9. Sleeplessness ; evening and first part of night but sleeps late into the morning ; weaker the longer she lies (ctr. Nux vomica).

10. Modalities ; < warmth especially warm rooms ; > gentle motion in cool open air, yet may complain of chilliness ; > cold applications ; < twilight to midnight ; lying left or painless side, abuse of tea.

Notes : Silica the chronic remedy in nearly all complaints.

Keynote : Instability.

Dr. AG Clarke

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3 comments on “Pulsatilla”

  1. Dear Gurav Rohan, yes you can take pulsatilla homeopathic remedy as a constitutional remedy for the treatment of epilepsy under the guidance of your homeopathic doctor.

    Your homeopathic doctor would advise you about its dose, potency and frequency after analyzing your signs and symptoms and personality and constitution.

  2. Respected sir,
    i am suffering from anklyoing spondolysis last 5 years.
    I have take many homeopathic medicine by homeopaths. But no relief.
    Sir if u have any solution.
    Plz give me responce.


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