1. Dark, spare withered-looking subjects ; disposition gen. mild and cheerful.

2. Attacks of depression. Loss of memory ; time passes slowly.

3. Great dryness of all mucous membranes (except female genitalia) with sense of constriction.

4. Abnormal appetite, craving for indigestible things ; potatoes disagree.

5. Inactivity of the rectum ; no desire and no ability until large accumulation, even soft stool requires great straining ; stool hard and knotty or soft, clayey and adhesive,

6. Leucorrhoea, acrid, transparent, profuse, running down to the heels (Syph.) < daytime ; gen. assoc. delayed, scanty menses after which patient physically and mentally exhausted.

7. Paralytic weakness of lower limbs with great heaviness and lack of co-ordination ; “must sit down” ; also with burning pain especially in the back.

8. Chronic throat conditions, “every cold settles in the throat”.

9. Skin eruptions < winter ; intolerable itching < warmth of bed ; < starchy foods and all irritating things (salt, pepper, etc.).

10. Modalities. Patient chilly < cold except headache ; at new and full moon ; on alternate days ; > eating.

Notes. A chronic of Bryonia.

Slow but long-acting chronic remedy.

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