1. Spasmodic catarrhal affections of respiratory tract ; especially whooping cough ; violent paroxysms follow one another so rapidly child cannot get breath ; often ends in gagging, vomiting and cold sweat ; sometimes with haemorrhage from nose or mouth. 2. Coughs in general < lying down and after midnight, warmth, drinking, using voice, etc.


1. Acute catarrhal affections especially of eyes and nose ; profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse bland coryza (rev. Allium cepa) ; often assoc. soreness and pressive pain behind sternum and hacking cough with free mucous expectoration ; cough only during daytime, < on rising a.m. ; influenza ; whooping cough. 2. Conjunctivitis ; acute with

Ambra Grisea

For children, especially young girls who are excitable, nervous and weak; nervous affections of old people, nerves “worn out.”. Lean, thin, emaciated persons who take cold easily.

Great sadness, sits for days, weeping.

After business embarrassments, unable to sleep, must get up (Act., Sep.).