Ambra Grisea

For children, especially young girls who are excitable, nervous and weak; nervous affections of old people, nerves “worn out.”. Lean, thin, emaciated persons who take cold easily.

Great sadness, sits for days, weeping.

After business embarrassments, unable to sleep, must get up (Act., Sep.).

Ranula with fetid breath (Thuja). Sensation of coldness in abdomen (Cal.).

The presence of others, even the nurse, is unbearable during stool; frequent, ineffectual desire, which makes her anxious.

Discharge of blood between periods, at every little accident – a long walk, after very hard stool, etc.

Leucorrhoea; thick, bluish-white mucus, especially or only at night (Caust., Mer., Nit. ac.).

Violent cough in spasmodic paroxysyms, with eructations and hoarseness; worse talking or reading aloud (Dros., Phos.); evening without, morning with expectoration (Hyos.); whooping cough, but without crowing inspiration.

Relationship. – Similar: to, Act., Asaf., Coca, Ign., Mosch., Phos., Val.

Aggravation. – Warm drinks, warm room; music; lying down; reading or talking aloud; the presence of many people; after waking.

Amelioration. – After eating; cold air; cold food and drinks; rising form bed.

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Ambra Grisea
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