VACCININUM – Nosode-From vaccine matter.

Vaccine poison is capable of setting up a morbid state of extreme chronicity, named by Burnett Vaccinosis, symptoms like those of Hahnemann’s Sycosis. Neuralgias, inveterate skin eruptions, chilliness, indigestion with great flatulent distension (Clark). Whooping-cough.

Mind.–Irritable, impatient ill-humored, nervous.

Head.–Frontal headache. Forehead and eyes feel as if split. Inflamed and red lids.

Skin.–Hot and dry. Pimples and blotches. Eruption like variola.

Relationship.–Compare: anti-vaccinal remedies; Variolin; Malandrinum; Thuja, powerful adjuvants in treatment of malignant disease.

Dose.–Sixth to 200th potency.

Dr. William Boericke

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