Asterias Rubens

For the sycotic diathesis; flabby, lymphatic constitution; irritable temperament. Easily excited by any emotion, especially by contradictions (Anac., Con.). Heat of the head, as if surrounded by hot air.

Sanguineous congestion to the brain. Apoplexy; face red, pulse hard, full, frequent.
Cancer of mammae; acute lancinating pain; drawing pain in breast; swollen, distended, as before the menses; breast feels drawn in.

A livid red spot appeared, broke and discharged; gradually invaded entire breast, very fetid odor; edges pale, clevated, mamillary, hard, everted; bottom covered with reddish granulations.

Gait unsteady: muscles refuse to obey the will (Alum., Gels.).

Epilepsy: twitching over the whole body four or five days before the attack.

Constipation: obstinate; ineffectual desire; stools of hard, round balls, like olives. Diarrhoea: watery, brown, gushing out in a violent jet (Crot. t., Grat., Gum., Jatr., Thuja). Sexual desire increased in women (Lit.).

Relations. – Similar: to, Murex, Sepia. Compare: Carbo an., Con., Sil. in mammary cancer; Bell., Cal., Sulph. in epilepsy

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