Another remedy of not very wide range, so far as we have any clinical knowledge, but so far so we do know is invaluable.

We know of its use in the advanced stage of serious brain troubles, such as meningitis or any trouble of the brain where is threatened effusion, or effusion already present.


Head rolling from side to side on the pillow, with screams; great stupidity or soporous sleep; greedy drinking of water: wrinkled forehead with cold sweat; motion of jaws, as chewing something; dilated pupils, and often cannot be made to see or hear, or be made to sense anything at all; continual motion of one arm and leg, while the other lies as if paralyzed; urine scanty or entirely suppressed, sometimes sediment like coffee grounds.

These symptoms indicate a desperate condition, and the patient will soon die comatose or in convulsions unless the proper remedy can be found.

Helleborus niger can often cure such cases, as I have often observed, not only in my own practice, but in that of others.

I have sometimes observed that the first sign of improvement in such cases was a decided increase in the urine, and following it a general subsidence of all the other bad symptoms.

I have used it with most prompt and satisfactory results in the 1000th (B. & T.) and 33m. (Fincke’s) potencies.

Helleborus is also an excellent remedy in post-scarlatinal dropsies, which come on very rapidly.

Here the coffee-grounds sediment may or may not be present.

The choice is sometimes not easy between this remedy and Apis mellifica.

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