Antimonium Tartaricum

1. Phlegmatic subjects ; hydrogenoid constitutions.

2. Persistent, irreconcilable ill-humour, < consolation ; child fractious, complaining, resents least touch (Ant. crudum).

3. Respiratory troubles with great accumulation of mucus ; coarse rales ; no expulsive power yet if expectorates temporarily ; attacks of suffocative dyspnoea with cyanosis.

4. Prostration with great drowsiness and cold sweat.

5. Gastric troubles with nausea and vomiting ; latter temp. > (rev. Ipec.) ; loathing of food ; moist, heavily coated white tongue ; desire for acids (especially apples) which < ; < milk.

6. Choleric diarrhoea ; stools slimy, generally yellow or brown, occasionally bloody.

7. Fever with shiverings and marked sense of cold ; violent but short-lasting sensations of heat ; pulse rapid and weak ; sweat profuse and exhausting ; thirst for cold water little and often (Ars.).

8. Violent pain in sacro-lumbar region ; slightest movement causes vomiting and cold sweat.

9. Widespread pustular eruptions. Small-pox (Variolinum).

10. Modalities ; < heat and < cold, damp weather evening towards night ; < anger or vexation.

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