1. Light-haired persons of lax fibre ; old people with weak circulation ; drunkards.

2. Deliriums ; in typhoid conditions : of silly kind ; constant raving, tries to get out of bed (occupies position between Stramonium and Lachesis) ; delirium tremens.

3. Burning, itching and redness of various parts which are swollen and hot ; chilblains, frostbite, etc. (locally and internally).

4. Spasmodic conditions ; tremors, twitchings ; involuntary movements while awake, cease when asleep ; choreas, from jerking of single muscles to dancing of whole body.

5. Spine sensitive to touch ; painful at every turn of the body ; backache < while sitting.

6. Headaches ; especially in drunkards after debauch ; or from prolonged desk work.

7. Asthenia from prolonged strain spasm of accommodation ; twitching of eyes and lids ; weakness of muscles ; swimming of type ; myopia ; chronic choroiditis.

8. Irritable heart of tea and coffee drinkers and tobacco smokers ; irregular, tumultuous palpitation.

9. Symptoms appear diagonally ; upper left and lower right (Led. ; ctr. Medorr.).

10. Modalities ; < cold air ; damp ; before thunder.

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