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Aethusa Cynapium (Allen's Keynotes)
Especially for children during dentition in hot summer weather; children who cannot bear milk. Great weakness; children cannot stand; unable to hold up the head (Abrot.); prostration with sleepiness. Idiocy…

Acetic Acid (Allen's Keynotes)
Adapted to pale lean persons with lax, flabby muscles; face pale, waxy (Fer.). Haemorrhage; from every mucous outlet, nose, throat, lungs, stomach, bowels, uterus (Fer., Mill.); metrorrhagia; vicarious; traumatic…

Abrotanum (Allen's Keynotes)
Alternate constipation and diarrhoea; lineteria. Marasmus of children with marked emaciation, especially of legs (Iod., Sanic., Tub.); the skin is flabby and hangs loose in folds (of neck, Nat. m.,…

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