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Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent.

This work was initially transcribed by Kent’s students from the lectures he presented at his Post-graduate School of Homeopathics in Philadelphia. Kent offers detailed and insightful descriptions of 217 medicines in this work. The first edition of James Tyler Kent’s Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica was published in 1905.

Dr. Kent summarizes, interprets, and systematizes the traditions of homeopathy, offering insights into homeopathic medicines. The notes on Kent’s Lectures are a cornerstone of homeopathic literature that we should regularly consult.

Chamomilla (Kent's Lectures)
The general constitutional state of Chamomilla is great sensitiveness; sensitive to every impression; sensitive to surroundings; sensitive to persons; and, above all, sensitive to pain. The constitutional irritability is…

Chelidonium (Kent's Lectures)
Chelidonium is a remedy more suitable for acute diseases, though it cures certain chronic conditions. It is not a very deep acting remedy. It is about like Bryonia in…

Chininum arsenicosum (Kent's Lectures)
Complaints come on at night. Open air aggravates most complaints. General increasing anemia. Inflamed parts turn black. Chlorosis. Sensitive to cold, and complaints are worse from cold and from…

Cicuta virosa (Kent's Lectures)
This remedy is of interest because of its convulsive tendency. It puts the whole nervous system in such a state of increased irritability that pressure on a part causes…

Cina (Kent's Lectures)
Cina is pre-eminently a child’s remedy, but it is suitable for conditions in adults that are seldom thought of. A marked feature running through is touchiness, mental and physical….

Cinchona (Kent's Lectures)
Now we shall take up the study of Cinchona, or China. Persons who have suffered much from neuralgias due to malarial influences, who have become anemic and sickly from…

Cinnabaris (Kent's Lectures)
The symptoms are worse at night from warmth of the bed, and when perspiring, like Mercurius. Worse from both heat and cold. Catarrhal inflammation. Fig-warts (Thuja). Ulcers. Many complaints…

Cistus canadensis (Kent's Lectures)
This remedy is an antipsoric, a deep-acting remedy. It runs very close to Calcarea, but is milder in its action. It has the same exhaustion from exertion, dyspnea sweating…

Clematis erecta (Kent's Lectures)
Clematis has only been partially proved, and consequently it applies only to a few conditions, but these are very important, so that it cannot be passed over. It has…

Cocculus indicus (Kent's Lectures)
We will study the general system and the mind as usual. Cocculus slows down all the activities of the body and mind, producing a sort of paralytic weakness. Behind…

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