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DECACHORDS by A. Gladstone Clarke
“Decachords” will provide the earnest student with some necessary clues guiding him to a practical acquaintance with the more frequently used remedies.
The book is not a materia medica. Indications given are only the foundtition upon which by further study and experience a fuller knowledge of homoeopathic drugs is to be built.

Aconite (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Strong, healthy, full-blooded person of quick, lively. sanguine temperament. 2. Emotional, mental and physical tension ; hyperaesthesia, of the special senses. 3. Onset of sthenic fevers, characterized by (a) intense…

Agaricus (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Light-haired persons of lax fibre ; old people with weak circulation ; drunkards. 2. Deliriums ; in typhoid conditions : of silly kind ; constant raving, tries to get…

Alumina (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Dark, spare withered-looking subjects ; disposition gen. mild and cheerful. 2. Attacks of depression. Loss of memory ; time passes slowly. 3. Great dryness of all mucous membranes (except female…

Ammonium Carbonicum (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Stout, fleshy persons of sedentary habit ; delicate women who faint easily and fly to smelling bottle on least excuse ; old people. 2. Listlessness ; ill-humour especially during…

Anacardium orientale (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Persons of sedentary habits suffering from brain-fag ; nervous, hysterical women especially during pregnancy. 2. Mentals. Patients distressed by sudden loss of memory ; lacks self-confidence ; fears inability…

Antimonium Crudum (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Adapted to the extremes of life ; especially to young people inclined to grow fat. 2. Mentals. Great sadness with weeping, especially in intermittents. Sulkiness, no wish to speak…

Antimonium Tartaricum (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Phlegmatic subjects ; hydrogenoid constitutions. 2. Persistent, irreconcilable ill-humour, < consolation ; child fractious, complaining, resents least touch (Ant. crudum). 3. Respiratory troubles with great accumulation of mucus ; coarse…

Apis Mellifica (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Strumous constitutions : children and girls who become awkward especially in handling things ; hysterical women. 2. Anxiety with tearful restlessness ; impaired memory and absent-mindedness in elderly persons. 3….

Argentum Nitricum (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Subjects withered, old-looking through disease, especially after unusual or, long-continued mental exertion ; children. 2. Hypochondriasis ; lacks self-confidence ; apprehensive, hurried, discontented ; time passes slowly ; suicidal…

Arnica (Clarke's Decachords)
1. Acts best in sanguine, plethoric subjects. 2. Oversensitiveness to pain ; great fear of being touched or struck by anyone coming near, especially in gout and rheumatic conditions. 3. Bruised,…

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